Sunday, March 8, 2009

Summer Fashion Inspiration

So spring has been approaching rapidly, just a few weeks ago I noticed little orange flowers beginning to bloom in the park.

Anticipating the warm weather I went home, went through my closet and dug out all my summer clothes only to wake up to a blizzard this morning. So in celebrating of almost-summer, and to help ward off this snow, I'm dedicating this entry to a summer fashions post.

Some outfits I put together for some summery inspiration.





What are you looking forward to this summer? :)


emma said...

the second and fourth outfits are really cute.
gives me some ideas for outfits to wear this summer. (:

Anonymous said...

i love white dresses. :> reminds me to go find nice ones for this summer!
ah, im looking forward to more yellows and oranges in my wardrobe! and beach trips!