Sunday, November 8, 2009

outfit - peacoat and bows

I really love the sash from american apparel. it goes with almost any outfit and is a great replacement for a regular belt. i also like to use it as a scarf, as seen in the outfit below!

coat: Sirens
blouse: Sirens
sash: American Apparel
skirt: American Apparel
tights: Walmart
pumps/booties: Aldo


heleen said...

wow, your red coat is fabulous! by the way, do you have any close-up photos from your tattoo?

Lydia said...

You have simple impeccable style. I'm considering looking for a jacket at Sirens now.

I love this!

Jennifer said...

i need that gorgeous red coat :')
love your tattoo.

shortnails said...

random browsing..

from your profile it says you live in british columbia : Canada.

are you not cold in the tights?

I was wondering if you could post up some winter friendly outfits that don't make people look like marshmallows.

thanks I relaly like your style