Monday, December 14, 2009

handmade journals

These journals are super easy and make great Christmas gifts! All you need is:

-thin cardboard/card stock
-needle and thread
-exacto knife
-bone folder

Measure out the size of notebook you want to make and cut it out out of the card stock. Measure out about 4 or 5 pieces of paper slightly smaller than the cardboard (anymore and you won't be able to sew through them. Don't forget that it will be folded in half and double sided so you get more like 20 pages in total!)

Using a bone folder, fold the cover and the pages in half. Poke holes along the spine of both the cover and pages with a tack. Take a needle and thread and sew along the spine twice, like the photo below.

Then take some pens (or pencils, or paints!) and draw something on the covers. I drew monsters on mine.

Even kitties like them!


Anonymous said...

Those are so charming. I might try and make one for my little sister!

M. said...

those are adorable! I actually might make them for my friends for christmas! Thanks for sharing :)


Shibby said...

These are lovely thanks for sharing :) I think I will make a few for presents :)

JMay said...

These are so awesome!

Thanks for posting :-)

Now following your lovely blog.

ryan manning said...


marshmellowness said...

these are so cute!