Monday, December 19, 2011

Flavour Infused Sea Salts and Vodka

For presents this year I made flavour infused sea salts and vodka. For the sea salts I made three flavours: vanilla, citrus, and chili. For the vodka I made espresso. I designed the tags on my computer and printed on recycled cardstock, hole-punched them and used twine to attach the labels to the containers, which can be purchased at any cooking or craft store!

Citrus Salts
Sea Salt

Simply grate the lemon and orange zest. Let it dry for a few minutes and combine well with the sea salt.

Vanilla Salts
sea salt
2 vanilla beans
unrefined sugar

Split the vanilla beans lengthwise. Scrape out all the sticky seeds and use your fingers to combine well with the sea salt. Add half amount of unrefined sugar as sea salt and mix well.

Chili Salts
sea salt
4 dried whole chilis
dash of paprika
ground peppercorn

crush the chilis with your fingers and sprinkle in with the sea salt. Combine freshly ground peppercorns and mix well. Add a dash of paprika for colour.

Espresso Vodka
Espresso beans

Lightly grind the espresso beans and wrap in cheesecloth. Tie very tightly to ensure none of the ground beans escape into the vodka (if this does happen however, you can filter it out later). I let the beans soak for about three days in a mason jar but you can use whatever container you like. Remove cheesecloth and beans from vodka and pour into bottle using a funnel. You can also sift the vodka through a layer of cheesecloth if any of the grounds happened to escape into the liquor during the process!

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heleen said...

Simple yet brilliant idea, and perfectly executed :) My mum's birthday is coming up so this would make the perfect present.